Intelligent, engaging and fun one-to-one training with expert coaches to guide and challenge you every step of the way.

Sport Specific

How it works

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Initial Consultation

Our detailed assessments are an opportunity to find out all about you, your lifestyle, history and goals. We will review your movement, flexibility, balance, coordination, stability, strength and power. This information will guide your training and help us track your progress as you go.



Individualised Programme

We then have the information we need to design a training programme specifically for you. Accessible via our simple training app, this will map out your weekly plan and sessions, allow you to view videos and descriptions of every exercise and help you and your coach to monitor your progress and training goals.

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Intelligent Training

Your regular 1-2-1 sessions are an opportunity for you to work harder and smarter. In return, we will bring passion, energy and fun to every session, drawing on our extensive experience and knowledge of strength, conditioning and movement to push, teach and challenge you every step of the way. 


Personal training with a difference

We are more than personal trainers. We are expert coaches with a passion for helping others.

Whether you are looking to gain strength and power, get fitter and leaner, train for an event or get back to your best after injury, we have the in depth knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals. With expertise in strength and conditioning, rehabilitation and fitness, we have a proven track record of building great relationships, getting great results and having a lot of fun along the way!

We believe coaching should be a collaborative affair and take the time to listen, watch and understand you and your body so we can support and empower you to feel confident in your body, your training and your capabilities! All we ask is that you stay open to learning, committed to the process and understand that lasting change takes time, effort and dedication.


An easy-to-use app will allow you to access your plan and programme from anywhere. The app has clear customised videos and descriptions of every exercise and allows you to record and monitor your progress and track your metrics as you go.



“I’ve worked with George since 2018. His passion for continuous improvement, his professionalism and his ability to vary and tailor programs to achieve a range of goals sets him apart. From professional athletes to those of us just wanting to be the best we can be, George delivers.”

“I’ve been working with Leah for over four years now, a reflection of how invaluable I consider her meticulous input in improving and maintaining my body. I suffer from painful joint hypermobility and was prone to injury. Leah has been the first professional to teach me how to move my body with ease and comfort.

She has an exceptional understanding of not only joint conditions but of the mechanisms of the entire human body. You will move your body in a radically different way after training with Leah. It’s impossible not to.”

“I’ve been training with Sol for two years and I feel so blessed to be on this journey with him. When I first started training I had no clue what I was doing but Sol made me feel so comfortable, determined and motivated and that’s exactly how I feel every time I leave my session, ready to conquer the world! 

Not only does Sol help me physically but also mentally, I’ve gained back my confidence, my whole mindset has changed, even my outlook on life! I am so grateful for Sol not only is he the BEST PT but he is now my friend for life :)”

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