We work one-to-one with a small number of dedicated athletes looking to take their athletic development and performance to the next level.


How it works

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Initial Consultation

Our holistic approach to athletic development leaves no stone unturned. This is an opportunity for us to get to know you, how well you use your body, your movement, range of movement, balance, coordination, stability, strength, power and capacity.



Individualised Programme

Once we have a detailed picture of you as an athlete, we start to put together a comprehensive training or rehab programme covering every aspect of your physical preparation. You will be able to access your programme via the training app, view videos and descriptions of every exercise and monitor your progress and training goals.

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World Class Coaching

This is where the hard work starts! We will work closely with you, drawing on my extensive experience and knowledge of strength, conditioning and movement to push, teach and challenge you every step of the way. Your training will focus on a lot more than just lifting weights: you will become a better, smarter and more adaptable athlete, moving with greater freedom and efficiency and developing strength, mobility, balance, coordination, elasticity, power and speed.


Athletic development

We bring extensive coaching experience and expertise to help you learn how to work with your body not against it, to harness your potential and discover what you and your body are truly capable of.

Whether you are an Olympic hopeful, a keen amateur or looking to get back to your best after injury, we will support you to become a better, smarter and more adaptable athlete. We believe that it is not just about much you ‘lift’ or how ‘hard’ you train but how much of this strength and power you can you truly use. We focus on developing athletic, effortless and efficient movement along with strength, coordination, balance, control, timing, speed and power that transfers to function, health and performance.

Rehabilitation & reconditioning

With extensive knowledge and experience in rehabilitation and reconditioning from injury, we can guide you through this frustrating and challenging time and get you back performing at your best.

Every rehab journey starts with an assessment of your movement and how you transfer forces through your body. This helps us to understand why certain structures may be overloaded and look at ways to improve movement efficiency and restore normal, pain-free athletic movement. Next, we assess your ‘capacity’ or how well your muscles, joints and connective tissue can tolerate loads, to guide us in which areas we will need to develop strength, power or range of motion so that your body can cope and thrive in your given sport or activity.

We pride ourselves on keeping the rehab process fun, varied and challenging, helping you to return to your sport a more resilient, athletic and confident athlete.

Who we work with

Success Stories

dina asher-smith

British 100m & 200m record holder, World and European champion, Olympic medallist

“In the world of elite athletics, the difference between standing on the podium and watching from the sidelines often comes down to the finest of margins.  Leah has helped make that difference.

Leah’s holistic approach goes beyond prescribing workouts or strength routines. She has taken the time to understand my unique physiological makeup, strengths, and areas needing improvement. With a keen eye for detail, she crafted a bespoke strength and conditioning regimen that dovetailed seamlessly with my athletics training.
Beyond her extensive technical knowledge and the unparalleled expertise, what sets Leah apart is the genuine care and passion she brings to her work. 
She has been a coach, a mentor, a confidant, and an unwavering pillar of support, especially during the challenging times.
London boasts a myriad of strength and conditioning coaches, but few possess the alchemy of knowledge, passion, and dedication that Leah brings to the table. I would not hesitate to recommend Leah.”
Reece Prescod

European 100m Silver Medalist British Champion

“For me Leah is an all round excellent strength and conditioning coach from beginners to elite level. Leah is honestly an excellent person, she is caring and has a true understanding of you as a person and what you want to achieve and will help you to get there.

I feel she kept me grounded, but also empowered me to have faith in my training and believe I was going to get better and stronger to show my true potential as an athlete. Due to her training I am definitely a stronger, coordinated, well-balanced athlete, and have made huge progressions in all areas.

I worked with her during the most important part of my career – during the transition phase from junior to professional – and owe a large amount of my success to her. Big thanks Leah.”

Clare Rafferty

Pro footballer. Chelsea, England & Team GB . World Cup bronze medalist.

“After suffering my 3rd ACL in 2013 I began working Leah. Its tough mentally to come back from 3 serious injuries but with Leah’s positive and refreshing attitude she helped me take the steps in the right direction.

Along with her experience of working with top athletes comes the understanding of what it takes to be successful at the highest level. Leah has helped me make a full recovery with tailored strength and conditioning programmes, progressing me through stages of my rehab and adapting to ups and downs along the way.

I am now back to to my best, representing both club and country again. I 100% trust Leah’s expertise and look forward to continuing my work with her leading up to the Women’s World cup and beyond.”

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