Our philosophy

Real Rehab was founded by Leah Dunthorne with the aim of using her twenty years of knowledge and experience with Olympic athletes to help people of all ages and abilities to move better, feel stronger, train smarter and keep doing the sport or activity they love

strength & conditioning

Whether you are looking to improve performance, move better or get stronger and more resilient we are passionate about helping high performance athletes to become better, smarter and more adaptable athletes. Drawing on our extensive knowledge of strength & conditioning and movement we take our time to understand you, the unique way you move, your strengths, goals and areas for improvement.

Through expert coaching and fun, varied and challenging training sessions, you will learn to move with greater freedom and efficiency and develop strength, balance, power and speed you can truly use.


Whether you are struggling to get back to the sport or activity you love following an injury, find yourself constantly picking up annoying niggles or feel like you’ve lost confidence in your body following persistent pain we can guide you through this frustrating, challenging and confusing time.

We take time to understand you, your body and how you move and transfer forces through your body. This helps us understand why certain structures may be overloaded and look at ways that we can improve movement efficiency and restore normal pain free athletic movement.

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